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Resources for Parish Evangelisation


Preparing a Testimony, from the National Office of Evangelisation, offers guidelines to encourage parishes to develop testimonies of their own parishioners as a witness to their life of faith. Real life stories of faith, conversion and evangelisation are the most powerful means of sharing our faith. Testimonies of faith not only grow our faith personally, but allow our parish communities to grow in faith.  Zara’s testimony, above, is an example of the power of personal testimony.

National Office for Evangelisation also provides good examples of effective testimonies.


CCD Rite of Commissioning A combined ‘Commissioning Mass’ early in the year is an ideal way to join as a community to bring together key leaders and groups that serve the community and to bless them in their work in the year ahead. The Parramatta Confraternity of Christian Doctrine have developed this Rite of Commissioning which could be adapted to include any groups in the parish community.


Grandparents Day Mass Invitation Invitation is a powerful tool in reaching out to those on the margins of faith in our parishes. Often, a personal invitation is the most effective means of encouraging them to come home. Hold a special Mass for Grandparents on a Sunday. This simple invitation could be  prepared during children’s liturgy or SRE classes.  This invitation could be adapted to invite other groups to a ‘special’ Sunday Mass or weeknight liturgy. 

Customised postcard  This postcard has been produced using a Microsoft Word postcard template and could include information about parish contacts and upcoming events.

Using Social Media

Social Networking Protocols The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has produced a guide to parishes on the use of social media. Pope Francis has encouraged Catholics to embrace social media as “Truly good, a gift from God”.

Other Useful Links

Institute for Mission – Situated at the Diocesan Assembly Centre in Marion Street Blacktown, the Institute for Mission (IFM) aims to support formation in faith and mission for the people of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta. Whether you feel you are called to take on a pastoral role within the Church – or  wish to grow your faith and understanding as part of God’s mission– IFM aims to offer ways to support you.

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine The Confraternity of Catholic Doctrine (CCD) for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta strives to ensure that Catholic students attending local state schools and their families have an opportunity to hear the Good News, to develop a relationship with God and to feel welcomed and valued members of the Church community.

Office for Worship Parramatta – The Office for Worship serves the diocese in the area of liturgical formation, coordination and practice and assists local parish communities to implement diocesan policy regarding the Sacraments of Initiation for Children (SOI) and Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Services include courses and workshops at diocesan, regional and local level, resources and information and consultancy on request.

Catholic Mission – Catholic Mission is the international mission aid agency of the Catholic Church in Australia. Compelled by the message, life and love of Jesus Christ, Catholic Mission forms Australians for mission and raises funds for mission – in Australia and around the world. This enables missionaries to reach out to help children and communities in need, and provide vital training for seminarians and other young church leaders.

Parents Representative Council – The Parents Representative Council (PRC) is the diocesan parent organisation that represents the parents and guardians of children attending Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta. The Council consists of parent representatives from primary and secondary schools and works in partnership with the Bishop, the Catholic Education Office, priests and school staff to support the education of our children.





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